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Individual, Couple & Family Psychotherapist


NewHope Academy


Bowen Family Systems Therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Meditation and Mindfulness Training

Client Centered Therapy

Buddhist Integrative Theory and



Business Consultant



Our Human Potential


Organizational Assessment & Restructuring

   - Includes Systemic Health Assessment & Reporting

Business Process Assessment & Redesign

University Professor



Governors State University


Professor of Psychology

Life & Background
Passions & Career

Tak-Seng's Life & Background

I grew up in the far Western Suburbs of Chicago in a smaller family where the most recent generations came from the Midwest.  My father's side of the family was predominantly from the Plain States (Kansas and Nebraska) where they farmed and worked for the railroad.  My mother's family resided more Eastward toward Tennessee and has some roots in the military.  Within my family, my father served as a police officer or in a similar capacity for over three decades whereas my mother focused mostly on raising my sister and I, but also took part-time work during our formative years.  Like many other families, my parents divorced.  After which my sister and I remained closest to my father's side of the family.

Also like many families, life had many struggles for all of us.  Some aspects of our family were very difficult and this resulted in me entering therapy as an early adolescent.  What surprised me was that I immediately fell in love with therapy!  I was constantly astounded at how much I learned about myself and others in addition to how it helped me become extremely grounded, mindful and have more empathy for others.  I continued for roughly 9 years and even after I stopped I remained committed to improving and maintaining my mental and spiritual health.

Through the years, I spent roughly 4 years in Arizona (Phoenix Metro), 2 years in Milwaukee and 10 years in Chicago.  While the weather can be amazing down south, Chicago's (the City) culture and its people have always felt like home.  For me, the energy of the City fits with my lifestyle.  I thoroughly enjoy being closer to people, the diversity, the neighborhoods and the ability to meet many wonderful and interesting people.  While I may live elsewhere in the coming years, I will always make sure that I have a connection and home in Chicago.

Now, you may have wondered about my name!  Through my years of therapy, journaling, artwork and other meditative activities, I found that my personal psychology went through a great deal of change and improvement.  When I was in my mid-20's I first encountered Buddhism and found that it thoroughly explained how I had developed and changed.  I was immediately hooked!  In 2008 I took what is called the Buddhist Refuge Vow and received a Buddhist name from a Senior Teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition.  I decided to change my name, legally, from the original Scotch-Irish that I had been given, to Tak-Seng Lodrö.  For me, it's symbolic and serves as a reminder to improve myself everyday.

Thanks for taking the time to read a bit about me and don't hesitate to contact me any time.

- Wishing All of You Well,

Tak-Seng's Passions & Career

What drives me into action everyday is based upon a fundamental motivation: to help and support people (including myself!) so that we can all learn to experience more fulfillment and contentment in life.

The way that this is expressed is through my work as a therapist, organizational consultant, teacher and active member at Shambhala Chicago.  Like anyone else, I have many activities that I love to do, such as cooking, photography, videography, traveling, fine dining and much more.  However, whether I'm working or engaging in one of my hobbies I'm always mindful of how my activities might be able to benefit others.  The activities aren't what bring me joy, it's being with people and helping others the best way I can.

What I find fascinating about my work is that I learn so much each and everyday.  While my expertise, knowledge and skills in these areas are high, they only maintain this level because I view myself as a student of life.  Sure, this might sound a bit cliché but it's absolutely true.  And in my roles it's actually vital that I work both as a teacher and student, otherwise my ability to help others becomes increasingly limited.  The danger for us when we decrease our openness to learning new things is that we become stagnant and increasingly unaware of change.  Since change is one of the only constants (possibly the only?) my goal is to move and flow with it.

When working as a therapist and organizational consultant, I need to be constantly aware of what is not known.  As I collaborate with my clients to address their challenges or identify ways to further enhance their circumstances, it's imperative that I remain curious and open.  Humans are vastly complex, inside and out, and so it's absolutely vital that I am always focused upon understanding people and their circumstances.  Each of us has a lifetime of experiences that influence us each moment of the day and so there's a lot to learn!  After all, if I'm not constantly focusing upon learning about you, your values, your goals, your difficulties and understanding what really drives you, how much help could I be?

As I get to know these and many other aspects of my clients I'm able to help them realize that they have more strength and knowledge inside of them than they thought.  By working together as equals, with different specialties, my clients and I are able to figure out what changes need to take place.

I sincerely hope that we have a chance to meet and if you're interested in retaining any of my services or to explore options, please contact me at any time.

- Wishing You and Yours the Very Best,